About - Gina Harrison



This site is me in pixel form. My art is my therapy and my whole life; I wouldn't be here today without it. I'm an international 28-year-old artist, model, creative director, actress, performer, mental health advocate and "professional weirdo" from the UK, and currently based in London. Challenging stigmas of society and internal struggles, all the conceptual artwork you see here on my site represents an ownership of one's "demons" and a unique narrative to that, forcing the viewer to feel, whatever that feeling may be. My work is cathartic and a way for me to express things that I couldn't in the past. I believe that 'beauty' is subjective and making something feel something is more beautiful than any aesthetics. 

I use storytelling with concept and visual art as therapy for myself and others. This began in 2016 with my GH ANXIETY project, which saw me working with creatives like Kat Von D and George Michael speaking openly about this subject. I am also a spokesperson for and work closely with MQ Mental Health Charity. I do talks relating to this cause where I share my artwork and personal story.

I now focus on cathartic personal projects, cinematic narrative artwork, exhibitions, videos and performance, as well as self-directed photo-shoots, often shot by my mother and well-known photographer, Angela Wynne.

Most of the shoots you see across this site are all self-directed from concept to completion. I'm also a stylist, makeup artist, retoucher and video editor. I have and continue to accumulate knowledge and understanding of the visual aspects of my art as it is extremely important for me to make an image as personal and visually 'complete' from my emotions and feelings at the time, both physically and emotionally.

I've also worked with some of the best creatives in the world, and I'm often called to provide "behind the scenes" expertise, as well as in front of the camera.

I also specialise in 'Flesh Art' and live rituals and exorcisms alongside Louis Fleischauer and more can be seen of this in the 'AMF' section of my website.

From Reclamation Exhibition (GHANXIETY) - ''A collection of images/different series showing the ownership and reclamation of ones’ own demons through a series of intimate images; highlighting the ‘struggles’, loneliness and trauma we face in life, reclaiming the emotions that are viewed as ‘negative’ and fighting against the stigma of mental health, immortalising that pain and emotion in art as a therapy to grow, accept, and make something beautiful from the seemingly tortured. These images are the story of that, from start to where we are now and everything in between; from the womb the afterlife; from lust to guilt, love to anguish, from loneliness and self-destruction to happiness and clarity; which every human can relate to, just nobody wants to show. Here we own the demons that have tried to own us, the find peace in the chaos, we find beauty in the breakdown, heaven in the hell, we accept and reclaim what has claimed us, in Reclamation.'

Who am I?

My name is Gina Harrison, I am a 28 year old British artist, model, actress, visual and concept artist, director, editor, mental health advocate and performer specialising in ritualistic performances and live exorcisms/shamanistic performances. This is an ongoing project (known as ‘GH anxiety’) that has saved my life. It is my own heart, body, mind and soul as pixel form. I have suffered with depression for around 7 years and anxiety for most of my life or at least, since I can remember; it was only around 3 years ago that I knew this was my calling and the art that was to save me. In 2012, I was deported from America, which resulted in PTSD, my depression peaking, and my body going into shock and therefore getting Pneumonia for a good 5 months; after this and, despite my estranged father being American and having to deal with the lack of help from him I moved to London. Having never told anyone apart from my close friends and family about my depression, I found myself in a very dark lonely place, being a model, having to be part of a dark circus that I never was myself in, until I took an  of myself image a few years ago that was a self portrait, never meant to be seen by anyone other than myself; after a public breakdown and manic episode, dealing with drugs and alcoholism, I decided to post it. I struggled with drugs and alcoholism, an abusive relationship, was a stripper | for a few years, becoming pregnant and having an abortion, trying to get my estranged father to help me, found myself again having to go back home and then come back to London to yet again, start again. It was a blur but around this time and in the past 3 years, my anxiety projects, artistry and conceptual art has been the thing that’s saved me and helped me to become 2 years sober. These images are the story of that, from start to where we are now and everything in between; this images are the subconscious and at the frontier of our every thought, the things we ruminate upon, that know one else knows to the very subconscious brain cells in the back of our minds that have the butterfly effect to change our lives.''